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La musica - Orfeo : Monteverdi
Il Palazzo Incantato, Luigi Rossi (Gwendoline Blondeel)

Il Palazzo Incantato, Luigi Rossi (Gwendoline Blondeel)

Il Palazzo incantato, Azione in musica (action in music)In three acts with the prologue MUSIC Luigi Rossi LIBRETTO Giulio Rospigliosi (future Pope Clement IX) after Orlando furioso from Ariosto CREATED at the Teatro delle Quattro Fontane Palazzo Barberini, Rome, February 22, 1642 SHOW IN ITALIAN  WITH FRENCH OVERTITLES While Luigi Rossi’s Orfeo, which was of capital historic importance in the development of opera in 17th century France, has been the object of a few stage productions, this is not the case for his first — and only other — lyric work, Il Palazzo incantato, premiered in Rome in February 1642. This production brought to Dijon by Leonardo García Alarcón and Fabrice Murgia is thus as precious a treat as the recent Finta Pazza. A massive work — 16 soloists, double and triple choirs of 6 and 12 voices, numerous ballets, and seven hours of performance for the premiere ! —  Il Palazzo marks the last flamboyance of opera as practiced in Rome before the Eternal City turned its back for a long, dry spell. The libretto, written by Cardinal Rospigliosi, later to become Pope Clement IX, was the first adaptation of Ariosto’s Orlando furioso, a masterpiece of Italian poetry with a long lyric history. In an enchanted palace-labyrinth where the sorcerer Atlantes imprisons and turns to madness the very best of chivalry and gallantry, we also find preserved the most inventive and intriguing blossoming of lamenti, arias and ensembles arising from an ephemeral Roman spring. With singers, actors, acrobats and dancers, Fabrice Murgia turns this masterpiece into a festive celebration of total art.  NEW PRODUCTION OF THE DIJON OPERA ENSEMBLE & ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE CAPPELLA MEDITERRANEA DIJON OPERA CHOIR CHAMBER OF NAMUR CHAMBER MUSICAL DIRECTOR Leonardo García AlarcónMUSICAL DIRECTION ASSISTANTS Rodrigo Calveyra et Fabián SchofrinVOCAL COACH Jacopo RaffaeleCHOIR CHIEF Anass Ismat STAGING Fabrice Murgia STAGE SETS Vincent Lemaire COSTUMES Clara Peluffo Valentini VIDEO Giacinto Caponio LIGHTING Emily Brassier | Giacinto Capanio ASSISTANAT À LA MISE EN SCÈNE Filippo Ferraresi  ORLANDO Victor Sicard ANGELICA Arianna Vendittelli RUGGIERO Fabio Trümpy  BRADAMANTE | LA PEINTURE Deanna Breiwick  ATLANTE Mark Milhofer OLYMPIA | LA MUSIQUE Lucía Martín-Cartón  MARFISA | LA MAGIE | DORALICE Mariana Flores GIGANTE | SACRIPANTE | GRADASSO Grigory Soloviov  PRASILDO | LE NAIN Kacper Szelążek ALCESTE André Lacerda  FERRAU | ASTOLFO Valerio Contaldo FIORDILIGI | LA POÉSIE Gwendoline Blondeel MANDRICARDO Alexander Miminoshvili CADREURS Johann Michalzcak & David Vong COMEDIANS Pascal Carbon, Adrien Philippon, Priscilla Bescond, Sarah Mussard, Emeline Losange, Juliette Tardif & Raphaël Mena COSTUMES Opéra national de Lorraine SETS Dijon Opéra & Eclectik Scéno (for one part of the set) SCORE EDITS Cappella Mediterranea / Transcription Pascal Duc Révisions & édition pratique : Leonardo García Alarcón SUBTITLES Richard Neel
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